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Corset School

Welcome to True Corset's, Corset School 

We have been working long and hard to put together a series of videos that will inform, educate and answer your questions.

This is still a work in progress and more videos are added weekly.

If you'd like us to cover anything in particular, please do drop us a line and we will be happy to create an episode to cover that subject


Episode 1 - Stealthing

 Stealthing is the art of wearing a corset underneath your clothing.


Episode 2 - How to lace yourself into a corset

 Lacing yourself into a corset is not a difficult as it may seem. Madi shows us how.


Episode 3 - Hiding your laces

 Hanging laces are not to everyone's liking, here is how to hide them.


Episode 4 - Corset strength and construction

 Not all steel boned corsets have the same waist reduction power, Madi explains.


Episode 5 - Corset boning

 Know which boning to avoid and which boning to go for.


Episode 6 - Don't know someone's corset size?

How to measure someone else for a corset, without them knowing.