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All about corsets

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All about corsets

The Manchester alternative scene: corsets and pin-ups and vintage, oh my!



Manchester is the place to visit if you love alternative fashion

Here at True Corset we are rather fond of Manchester. Not only because it has an alternative scene that embraces all forms of sexuality and celebrates individuality. It was also once the home of our very beloved shop. Any visitor to Affleck's Palace will understand how exciting it was to have a shop there. We were lucky to take the place that was once occupied by the renowned Vintage to Fetish and we had an absolute ball.


afflecks vintage Affleck's Palace is home to some wonderfully eclectic stalls

Affleck's Palace was founded in 1981 by James and Elaine Walsh, for over three decades this beautifully eclectic maze of eccentric produce has simply flourished. Often compared to London's Camden, this indoor market is a must visit destination for anyone with a love of alternative, vintage, fetish, gothic or cosplay fashion. World renowned labels such as Red or Dead and Pop Boutique started out at Affleck's and this devotion to fresh ideas and creativity is still as strong as ever. The exterior of the market is adorned with mosaics of famous Mancunian faces from football players to musicians and Coronation Street regulars.


The renowned Affleck's Palace mosaics The renowned Affleck's Palace mosaics

Affleck's Palace is a wonderful place to work and our products fitted in beautifully. Affleck's Palace is brimming with alternative wear from unique club clothing in shades of neon to quality fetish fashion that is hard to find elsewhere, new designers exhibit their latest clothing lines and fresh outlets offer a host of interesting and often bespoke vintage items. From surf chic to burlesque there is something for everyone, as long as you love to express yourself through your unique sense of style. Accessories, henna tattoos and piercings are all available and the choice is breathtaking. It's not just clothing though, you can pick up vinyl records, wall art and even grab a bite to eat. Just don't expect anything you come across to be ordinary or conventional.


stallafflecks stall

Affleck's Palace is a sort of independent department store offering the most eclectic and at times, rather macabre shopping options. It's great for quirky gifts and for finding things to inject a little intrigue into your wardrobe. Aside from all that it is also just a really vibrant and intriguing place to hang out, mooch about, get inspired and maybe even discover some like-minded people.


You'll find some beautiful alternative types just hanging out there You'll find some beautiful alternative types just hanging out there
It's a fantastic place to find fetish wear too It's a fantastic place to find fetish wear too

We loved having a store there, especially as we got to meet so many fascinating customers. It is wonderful to see how different people interpret a corset. A simple black satin corset could be worn with an elegant skirt for a dinner date or teamed with sheer suspenders for a naughty night in, it could be dressed up for a sexy cosplay look or paired with a jaunty top hat for steampunk attire. Actually getting to converse with our customers and uncover their creativity was a real gift and is something we miss now that we are online, which is why we are always keen to deal with customer enquiries nowadays.


Strawberry Peach was another well-known corset shop that was there while we were and we often shared the same customers. Every corset outlet has their own unique style and so we would often find customers drifting across to us when a certain slinky number caught their eye.


afflecks logo

People come from far and wide to customize their homes and their wardrobes with wares found at Affleck's. It's situated in the Northern Quarter of Manchester where there are also a cluster of delightful cafés that offer homemade cake. The Northern Quarter is brimming with creativity and personality. People who work in music, design and art often frequent the area. As well as Affleck's Palace it is also the home of some sensational curry houses, a plethora of vintage shops and a great many vinyl stores. If you haven't been before, it is worth spending some serious time in Manchester's Northern Quarter (and likely some serious money). If you like your shops independent and full of charm, then you will fall in love with the Northern Quarter, specifically Affleck's Palace.


The Northern Quarter is brimming with art and creativity The Northern Quarter is brimming with art and creativity

As well as quirky shops in the same vein as True Corset, Strawberry Peach and Vintage to Fetish the Northern Quarter is also home to some of the most affordable and delicious meals in Manchester. You could easily spend a day just soaking up the atmosphere and people-watching in Manchester's Northern Quarter.


Manchester's Northern Quarter is a vibrant and exciting place to visit Manchester's Northern Quarter is a vibrant and exciting place to visit

If you are looking for something different and a place to shine, then Affleck's Palace is the cream of Manchester's alternative scene. We know that our customers love things that are unique and beautiful, which is why we had to share our love of Affleck's Palace with you all.

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